Benefab Products Launches the CeraMag Mesh Rug

BENEFab™ Products is a new Equine and Human product line that can supply a natural remedy to muscle and joint stiffness, tension in tendons and ligaments, and edema (an excess of watery fluid collecting in the cavities or tissues of the body), all by increasing blood circulation and oxygen flow by up to 80%. This increase in circulation will ultimately decrease the span of recovery time. The products can also help to reduce chronic joint pain in cases such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, as well as multiple other joint-related discomforts in the Equine, Canine, and Human families. BENEFab™ Ceramic products are recommended for preventative measures and may naturally provide treatment and comfort in circulatory disorders such as Neuropathy (the disfunction of one or more of the peripheral nerves, typically causing numbness or weakness), Raynaud’s Syndrome (excessively reduced blood flow causing discoloration in the fingers, toes, and limbs), and other alike symptoms.

The products are very unique because the healing properties lie within the fabric technology. All of the BENEFab™ products are infused with Ceramic powder (a combination of thirty (30) Lead-free minerals such as Silica [SiO2], Magnesium [Mg], and Aluminum [Al]). The Ceramic materials (sometimes referred to as far-infrared clothing) emit far-infrared wavelengths which stimulates vibration of the Oxygen atom within the water molecules (H2O). As the Oxygen vibrates around the Hydrogen atoms, the water molecules begin to shrink in size which then stimulates the increase in blood circulation as well as dilation of blood vessels. This process also lends a helping hand to the body in developing new capillaries (branching blood vessels with a hairlike thickness) for treatment of deep muscle lesions or soft tissue injuries.

Beyond the therapeutic functions of the BENEFab™ products, each product was developed by a rider for a rider and their horse. The product line was developed just over a year ago with passion for the equestrian athletes: both horse and rider with their best interests foremost. Each product possesses unique qualities such as:

▪    Breath-ability
▪    Wicking Properties
▪    100% Polyester based fabric (no shrinkage and comfortable even on sensitive-skinned horses and/or people)
▪    Easy Cleaning (machine washable in cold water, line dry)
▪    Water Resistant (Check out the cool saddle pads!)
▪    Colors!
▪    Fashion!

All these qualities are visible in their newest product: The CeraMag Mesh Rug. This mesh rug is a unique combination of Ceramic therapy and Magnetic Therapy. The Ceramic powder has been infused inside the large-holed mesh while the Magnets have been strategically placed over 80+ of the primary acupuncture points. Each neodymium magnet has a surface strength of 1100 GAUSS which is believed to further oxygenate the muscles, stimulate blood flow, and harmonize bodily functions safely and naturally.

The chosen Ceramic mesh is a large-holed (exceedingly breathable), durable, and resistant mesh which has an outer blanket trim made from 100% polyester. Each and every Magnet is enclosed between two soft cushions to allow for ample comfort for the horse as well as no rubbing. The CeraMag mesh rug was designed to be left on inside of a stable. That being said, it has nearly every securing strap (under belly, hind legs, and front buckles) that a generic horse blanket features. The designers reasoning for doing this: Each magnet was placed in a specific place for a specific reason, so we wanted to be sure the mesh stays in place during wear while in the stable. The mesh rug comfortably fits horse sizes 76″ – 82″. For a slightly tighter fit (72″ – 75″), you can attach the hind straps to the secondary securing hooks that are located on the side of the blanket. This product will be available online and in select retail stores in the Spring for purchase (MSRP $289.99). Please visit for further details and a list of stores that carry these products.

A few snippets of what some of the top riders and athletes in our industry are saying about the BENEFab™ products..

“…the increase in circulation and oxygen flow through the poll, neck, and jaw keeps Destiny focused and reduces tension…” -Devon Kane, USEF GP Dressage Rider

“…[the polo wraps] seem to be helping reduce the sticking up on the stabled horses much quicker than work alone. I also think my Grand Prix horse’s joints crack less when he wears them even though they aren’t touching some of the joints that make noise.” -Alexis Martin-Vegue, GP Dressage Rider

“… I gave a pair of socks to [my friend] for Christmas… He is a older gentleman that has had health issues. He was telling me today that he had worn them to church and that he felt like he was walking on a cloud. Evidently, his feet hurt him if he has to stand on them very long.  He couldn’t say enough about them…” -Betty Tetterton, USEF Owner/Trainer

All of the BENEFab™ products were designed to be worn and used during exercise or as a preventative measure to reduce risk of injury. The fabric technology should be introduced slowly to you or your horse. The recommended time span to begin use is 1-4 hours a day for the first week of use, then slowly increase wear (approximately 1-2 additional hours per day) as comfort allows. The rule of thumb is to “listen to your body”; therefore, as owners and riders, we recommend you start introducing the products gradually to your horses and monitor their behavior.

Be proactive, and start helping yourself and your horse today by ordering online at or visit your local tack store and ask for BENEFab™!

*This article contains general information about medical conditions and treatments. This information is not medical advice, and should not be treated as such. If you have a specific medical condition, please seek professional advice.

Written by Kat Chrysostom, designer