The Buck Off Challenge is a mechanical bull-riding contest fundraiser. This can be a team competition with 4 riders to a team or an individual competition. Each rider is scored by a panel of 4 judges that can give a maximum score of 25 points per judge, making a perfect score of 100 points. In the team competition format, all four rider’s scores are totaled for a team score. Riders must stay on the bull for 20 seconds (this allows time for the mechanical bull to get moving) and keep one hand free in order to receive a score. Judges give points based on style, character and a bonus for costumes. The top 3 teams/individuals are awarded a prize.

The Buck Off Challenge is an event that is designed to not only raise money but to also be used as a marketing tool to raise awareness and educate the public about the cause. The excitement of this event creates a following of not only competitors and spectators but can also attract media coverage. It is an event that can engage audiences of all ages — adults and minors can equally competed against each other.

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