At Eques Solutions, we proudly offer high-end marketing solutions to cover a variety of needs in today’s highly digitalized world.

Our services include:

* creating marketing plans and strategies
* social media
* sponsorship management
* web design and development
* graphic design
* packaging
* business consultation
* sales
* digital marketing
* media placement, advertising & PR

If you’re interested in moving your business forward, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Business Consulting

Businesses of any size can be faced with challenges that require professional feedback to help ensure the organization is on track to meet set goals. Through our business consultation and coaching services, we can identify these challenges and create strategies to streamline operations, increase profits and maximize marketing. Eques Solutions’ experienced team offers individuals, corporations and brands a fresh perspective to confidently move your business forward.

Marketing Plan Creation & Development

In order to encourage growth in business, having a comprehensive, practical and adaptable marketing plan is crucial. We combine deep, functional expertise with a holistic approach to help clients identify opportunities and create strategic marketing plans that support an entire company’s ethos or just a targeted marketing campaign.

Public Relations

Your brand becomes a reflection of your reputation. At Eques Solutions, our PR services are intended to protect, enhance or establish your reputation through carefully curated media coverage. Our public relations strategy is developed by analyzing and monitoring how your business interacts with the public. We’ll help you set objectives and create a PR plan including managing online feedback, public perception and mitigate reputation damage.

Website Design

Your website is your most important marketing tool. If you don’t have one or your existing website performs poorly, customers look elsewhere. Our web development team can create a custom website from scratch or redesign your current website. We’ll make certain that your website and content reflect your brand message and business needs while improving customer retention and outcomes. Your website is the heart of your business so it is critical that the design is visually appealing, mobile optimized and user-friendly.

Video Production

Successful interactive media marketing requires a well-designed plan. Our expert marketing team and professional videographers can create a video marketing strategy that targets the right audience and maintains your company’s brand and message. A social media campaign with properly placed, high-quality videos can reach more people quickly and deliver higher conversion rates.

Social Media

Creating a relationship with your target audience is crucial for success. Social media is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes to connect and interact with both existing and potential customers. At Eques Solutions, we take the hard work out of your social media campaign by creating engaging content and managing your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

Branding, Logo & Graphic Design

Your logo supports your entire brand and represents what your company stands for. That small emblem helps people recognize and connect with you. Equally as important are the graphics and quality of your marketing materials. Our graphics design team can construct a plan to improve the visual representation of your business, creating a recognizable and cohesive image across all marketing channels.

SEO & Content Writing

In order for your brand to thrive online, search engine optimization services are necessary. The holistic approach used by our experts at Eques Solutions are proven to increase your website’s page rankings and organic search traffic. SEO services, keyword research and SEO-friendly content writing are custom-tailored to each client’s online business goals. Our services are perfect for companies of any size, including equestrian-related organizations, local businesses, eCommerce, franchises, corporations and more.

Sponsorship Management

Sponsorship equals relationships and that’s where Eques Solutions shines. Whether it’s for a world-class horse show or an important charity event, we customize every sponsorship to get the most out of their specific needs because we have built relationships with our clients. We work closely with our clients to find the right fit for their brand and product with innovative and creative – and effective – ideas and follow-through.