Our niche services are built from experience grown within the equestrian industry to deliver customer results. We understand all aspects of the industry from horse care to riding, training, business management, and ownership of these fine equine athletes. The experience of the Eques Solutions team allows us to offer creative marketing to any business not just those in the equestrian industry. Our diverse area of knowledge and target marketing techniques allow us the ability to offer a broad spectrum of services such as:

Business Consulting

Sometimes it’s external input that can transform a business, even an already successful one. Being challenged on your existing business direction, and then getting expert help to modify it, can literally be gold dust.

And even if it’s not transformational, expert eyes, ears and minds that can look at the current business structure, identity and strategy from a fresh perspective can be incredibly valuable.

With 30 years of individual experience, our team is well placed to support your business in confidently moving forward. Whether you are in the equine industry, or another sector such as luxury brands, we have the experience and strategic vision to help you see things clearly.

Marketing Plan Creation & Development

Having a comprehensive, practical and adaptable marketing plan is crucial to the success of any business. Good businesses have great marketing plans that are ruthlessly supported and implemented.

We have helped businesses large and small, in the equine industry and beyond with the creation, implementation and development of marketing plans that support both an entire company ethos, or just for specific marketing campaigns.

Public Relations

Your business cannot survive if it’s reputation is poor or damaged. That’s why it’s crucial that your image and message is carefully nurtured and managed. Constantly analyzing how your business interacts with its customers, and potential customers, can really make the difference between success and failure.

Our team can help you to manage expectations, minimize issues both with the media, and as is becoming more frequent nowadays, limit damage from online feedback and perception. From managing a crisis, through to building a long-term public relations strategy, we are well placed to support your business.

Equine Website Design

You would be amazed how many great looking websites completely fail when it comes to increasing engagement and conversion. Key messages get lost, and growth can be damaged for the long term, with it sometimes taking months, or years, of lost revenue before spotting where the problem is.

A great company website needs clarity, clear goals and clear conversion paths, all stacked alongside universal access and reliability. That’s what we always strive to achieve with our clients, whether it’s a complete website build, a redesign, or correcting the issues that have been found through analyzing traffic paths and conversion data.

Great design is not just about how it looks, it’s about building that design into the heart of your business, and our team has years of experience in balancing the sometimes-opposing requirements to make it look good and convert traffic well.

Video Production

Video marketing is becoming increasingly vital to companies large and small. People engage with video more quickly, key information can be delivered and understood more easily, and conversion rates are higher than any other media type.

But too many companies just throw money at video production without having the internal or external expertise on board to get value for money. On top of that, a lack of clarity for the goal of a video within an overall marketing strategy means that sometimes great videos disappear in social media, having achieved nothing.

Through our internal team and external agencies we work with, we can analyze the goals, create a strategy, and develop video content alongside you that can truly be a business asset.

Social Media

Having a social media presence is not just about engaging with customers. It’s about engaging in the right way.  It’s about giving people reasons to interact with your brand, trust it, become a customer, and crucially, recommend you.

From simple, everyday interaction, through to social media campaigns to build followers, traffic and customers, we have worked with businesses large and small in many market sectors.

It’s not just about creating a Twitter campaign and then letting it run, it’s not just about everyday interaction on Facebook, it’s about having a strategy across all major social media platforms to target growth and conversion.

We can help you to integrate social media tightly into every part of your marketing strategy, create campaigns, analyze and build on success, plus very importantly, stop you from wasting money reinforcing failure.

Graphic Design

Great graphics that seamlessly blend into your website and promotional materials are a central part of any successful brand, whatever the industry. The visual representation of your business conveys a strong message about your quality, integrity and helps people to recognize and connect with you across all marketing channels.

Too many businesses have a disjointed visual brand, which makes people confused and suspicious. If you’re business doesn’t look professional, then people will assume it’s not. If your graphic design is confused across your marketing outreach, then people will not make clear associations and follow conversion paths.

So, whether it’s simple website graphics, or part of a corporate re-branding project, our experienced team can help you to integrate core visual principles and reach out to your target audience.

Promotional Management

It doesn’t matter if it’s a one-off campaign, or ongoing management of your promotional activities, we have the in-house expertise and the third-party contacts to make sure that you benefit from a highly experienced, highly polished promotional management experience.

Understanding the goals of each piece of promotional activity, unifying them and delivering them in a way that will make people want to engage, is a skill that most businesses will benefit strongly from.

Although our specialty is with promoting companies within the equine industry, we also have experience with other industry sectors, from luxury brands through to promoting individual people.

Creative Event Planning

Designing, planning and implementing a key creative business event can be a huge task even on a small scale. There are so many interlocking, interdependent parts that must fall into place at the same time to make it a seamless success.

So, unless you have expensive expertise in-house, it can be incredibly cost-effective to look to a third party creative event planning and management team to provide support.

We have 30 years experience in the equine industry and beyond of organizing events of all types. With so many variables, it makes sense to lean on the company who have creative event planning experience to avoid the potential of very public brand damaging moments.  Our team will be delighted to support you in creating and delivering successful business growth events.


Fundraising and other charitable events can be notoriously difficult to pull off properly. To not be seen cynically, to not be seen as separate from your business, and to not be able to successfully promote your business through them. These problems are all too common and expensive.

Our team has extensive experience of planning and delivering all types of fundraisers and special events, both in the equestrian industry and other business sectors.

The reassurance of an expert team alongside you in what can be a complex and high-pressure organizational environment will not only be a reassuring thing, but your investment can also deliver business growth and protect you from negative publicity.

Online Marketing Packages

Online marketing strategy can be as narrow as designing a social media campaign that engages, captures and converts better, all the way through to a comprehensive online marketing business plan that is built directly into your business plan.

Many people try to do this in-house. Unfortunately getting consensus on creating the plan, let alone implementing the different strands and defining clear project ownership, often proves time-consuming, expensive and damaging if things go wrong.

We can help you to avoid the common mistakes, by helping you to create a detailed and realistic online marketing plan.  One that can be adaptable at short notice, builds on sudden opportunities and that recognizes and shuts down cash-losing strategies quickly, by using real-time campaign data.