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We have been using Eques Solutions, Inc for our website and marketing needs for a number of years now. When we had a change of location, Bobbi and her team took right over to create a new and fresh look for us! We needed something that made us stand out from the crowd. By being deeply involved in our world, they knew what we were looking to capture to draw potential clients into our new facility. They created a website for us that is amazing and we had never seen one like it before. We had the standard “cookie cutter” site previously, but now we have an amazing website. There ideas are fresh, they work hard of helping us market our business in the right direction. With so many choice on spending your advertising money, there is no better start than using Eques Solutions, Inc for your website, social media and marketing needs

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Two years ago, Cytowave was a bio-tech startup and being a very small company, we needed a lot of help. We were fortunate that we were directed to Eques Solutions. Bobbi and her team consulted with us, helped us fashion our message and put together ads that spoke to our target equine audience. In retrospect, we would not have started out with the bang that we did had we not done business with Eques. The testament to their effectiveness? They brought us customers by helping us refine our advertising. We strongly recommend using them.

Katie PrudentBobbi Rottman is a great person. I’ve worked with her in the horse business for over 10 years at many different levels, both here and in Europe. Bobbi is honest, hardworking and good at what she does…a person in whom one can have total confidence.

I want to apologize for not writing sooner as to just how happy I and the whole Balancing Tonic Team are with the website you designed for us.

We have had nothing but compliments…,…that is probably why we have been so busy and not had the time to write this!!!

Your work has captured the gist of what Whole Body Balancing really is and our customers and those that have asked for more information because of what they have read on the website have been so pleased to understand that this product of ours, The Balancing Tonic, used for humans since 1943, is capable of bringing their horses to a level never seen before.

Thank you for a not only useful website but for one that is far beyond!

Bobbi Rottman has assisted Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding Center promoting our benefit auction for the last two years. She has worked on our team developing corporate sponsorship packages and promoting sponsor relationships. With her assistance Vinceremos has gained significantly more support from corporate sponsors. If Bobbi says she will take care of it it will be done. Vinceremos welcomes her talent and energy as part of our team.

Debbie StephensIn todays unsettling economy one needs a person like Bobbi who gets the job done no questions asked. You never have to worry if she has followed up and finished her task. In the business world today their are not many people with a good work ethic to accomplish all tasks efficiently and she always does. I recommend her as a smart, honest business person. Bobbi is a go getter, when you put her on a mission she takes that ball and runs with it till it is done. She is intelligent, resourceful, energtic, and thorough that is what I look for in a successful person who I want working on my side.

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