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Luxury Brand Marketing and Equestrian Marketing Specialists

In the highly specialized market sectors that the equine and luxury brand industries operate in, you need a full-service marketing company to fully understand the diversity of your business.

The benefit we offer is simple.  We can help you to better reach out to, and engage with, people interested in elite lifestyle opportunities, bringing you more conversion potential.

Experienced and easy to work with, we have created individual creative marketing solutions for a wide range of clients in the Equine industry and beyond, over many years.

Our high levels of experience in core marketing skills, maximizing online potential and good old fashioned face-to-face engagement, allow us to offer not only expertise, but focus, determination and communication skills to satisfy the most demanding of needs.

What We Do

With over 30 years of business and practical experience in the equine industry, we are well placed to offer strategic marketing, promotional direction and business development skills across a wide spectrum.

Whether your business is equine-focused, or in another industry sector such as a luxury item brand, we can help you to engage and convert by supporting your business in the following areas:

  • Business consulting
  • Online/offline marketing plan creation and development
  • Public relations advice and management
  • Website design and update
  • Video production
  • Social media and viral marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Event planning and marketing
Equine Marketing

Why Choose Eques Solutions

You have probably come across marketing companies like this yourself, who offer you a huge range of impressive services at a great price. But when you inquire and dig below the surface, you find they are inflexible, “off-the-shelf” solutions, delivered by people who are simply not knowledgeable or passionate.

We don’t work like that.  We work with people to understand their business needs. From initial meetings we will construct a completely bespoke plan to be developed, and then support its implementation.

Once everything is agreed and underway, we follow through with regular updates on performance, arranging regular meetings and keeping you informed through constant communication.

Our team has more than 30 years experience in all areas of business management and promotion, specialized around the equine industry.

But we are more than that, and that’s why our experience is now utilized by many companies in other areas, especially luxury brands looking for a concierge-level of service and a strong relationship with their marketing company.

Ready to Take Your Marketing Strategy to the Next Level?

Get in touch with our team at Eques Solutions today and we will help you develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for your business.

An Equestrian Marketing Company With An Excellent Track Record

We have done everything from brand launches to public relations, event organization, promotion and management, through to promoting individual riders, trainers and farms.

Everything we do is with passion, commitment and expertise. We strive to be an integral part of the exciting industry sectors we specialize in. From the raw excitement of the equine industry to the intelligence required to deliver successful luxury brand marketing, it’s a passion we never tire of.

Whatever support you need to get to where you want to be, we have a proven track record in helping businesses like yours to reach goals and maximize their potential.


Effective Luxury Brand Marketing Solutions

Eques Solutions also work with a wide range of companies and individuals in all business sectors.

From luxury brands, through to individuals, we have been put to the test and delivered in every challenge we’ve been set.

Whether you just want a more customer focused website and social media plan or us supporting you with a complete marketing and technical service, you will be delighted with how approachable and focused on delivering we are.